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Costume Characters | animatronic Puppets mouths and eyes

Costume characters with animatronic mouths and eyes

Over the last few years I have branched out from Puppet Making to develop costume characters with animated mouths and eyes. These moving features are controlled either by radio control or a hand controls. These characters can give a great effect to any live show, TV programme, music video or commercial.

combine the best features of both Puppets and costume characters.

Of course I can also make non animated figures.

Head Construction is of high quality plastizote foam and other plastics to make the heads both strong and light weight.

My Workshop facilities include mould making and shape cutting facilities. I keep a wide range of fur and fleece fabrics in stock which helps to speed up the character making process. I can also dye fabrics to specific colours for that special ‘one off’ look. During the build process I email photographs of material samples and to show the design taking shape to allow for alterations.

Turnaround time from design to finished figure varies according to the work involved and the amount of input from the client and time taken to get approval on materials etc.

See photos below.